27 May 2021

Since the beginning of the year, announcements and rumours about Till's projects have been multiplying, which leads us to make a recap:

  • Till and Peter announced in November 2020 that their collaboration would end. Till had announced that he wanted to continue Lindemann with a new line-up. To this day there is no news of the project and since then Till releases all his songs under his own name.
  • Ich Hasse Kinder. Released on June 1st. It is a rock song in German composed by Sky Van Hoff (he worked with Richard for Emigrate and Rammstein). The video is by Serghey Grey.
  • Le jardin des larmes. Release date unknown. This is a duet in French with Zaz, composed by Thierry Olivier Faure.
  • Video shot at the Bolshoi Moscow Circus. Release date unknown. We thought for a while that it was the video for Ich Hasse Kinder, but it seems to be another project.
  • Video shot in Mexico. Release date unknown. The song should be a cover of a Mexican classic.
  • Wacken Open Air 2021. The festival has not been cancelled yet. They announce "T Lindemann + very special guest". We still don't know who exactly will be on stage, and which songs will be played…

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