25 Jul 2021

According to Russian sources, the shooting of the video for the song "Le Jardin des Larmes", a duet with the French singer Zaz, has started.

The shooting is taking place over three days in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, and is supported by the Uzbek Ministry of Tourism and Sports. A film crew from Russia, actors from Bukhara and stuntmen from the city of Tashkent are involved. According to RammWiki.net, the director of the video is Zoran Bihać and the song is in French with some German verses.

The release dates of the song and video are not yet known.

25 Jun 2021

Till Lindemann will perform at the Wacken Open Air 2022! Here is the message from the organisers:

We are very happy that Till Lindemann, probably one of the most influential German artists of today, will celebrate his Wacken debut. The fact that he is performing this gig in addition to the Rammstein tour shows how important this facet of his work is to him. We are looking forward to a spectacular performance that will surely be talked about for a long time.

It is not yet known whether Till will play on August 5th or 6th, nor what his line-up will be.

03 Jun 2021

The Wacken Open Air 2021 is officially cancelled. The festival did not say whether Till Lindemann was confirmed for the 2022 edition.

Till will be touring with Rammstein on August 3 and 4, 2022, but Wacken might offer him to play one of the last two days of the festival, on August 5 or 6.

Update June 4: Wacken confirmed that Till Lindemann will not be present at Wacken Open Air 2022.

27 May 2021

Since the beginning of the year, announcements and rumours about Till's projects have been multiplying, which leads us to make a recap:

  • Till and Peter announced in November 2020 that their collaboration would end. Till had announced that he wanted to continue Lindemann with a new line-up. To this day there is no news of the project and since then Till releases all his songs under his own name.
  • Ich Hasse Kinder. Released on June 1st. It is a rock song in German composed by Sky Van Hoff (he worked with Richard for Emigrate and Rammstein). The video is by Serghey Grey.
  • Le jardin des larmes. Release date unknown. This is a duet in French with Zaz, composed by Thierry Olivier Faure.
  • Video shot at the Bolshoi Moscow Circus. Release date unknown. We thought for a while that it was the video for Ich Hasse Kinder, but it seems to be another project.
  • Video shot in Mexico. Release date unknown. The song should be a cover of a Mexican classic.
  • Wacken Open Air 2021. The festival has not been cancelled yet. They announce "T Lindemann + very special guest". We still don't know who exactly will be on stage, and which songs will be played…

24 May 2021

After Le jardin des larmes a few days ago, Till Lindemann has registered another song called Ich hasse Kinder (I hate children) at the Gema (the organization that manages German copyrights). Thanks to RammWiki for the finding.

Till has suggested on his Instagram a release date of June 1st, which is the Children's Day in Russia. Till will release this song in his own name, not as part of the Lindemann project.

27th May update : a first teaser has been uploaded on Youtube. The June 1st release date is confirmed.

17 May 2021

Back in 2018, we revealed on Rammstein World that Till Lindemann and the French singer Zaz had come together to perform a duet. According to our sources, the title was finalized in the studio at the end of December 2020.

The song should be released soon. Indeed, the GEMA (the organization that manages German copyright) has just added to its database a song called Le jardin des larmes (The Garden of Tears), written by Till Lindemann and composed by Thierry Olivier Faure. The latter is used to compose for Zaz.

28 Apr 2021

Our colleagues at RammWiki report that Till Lindemann is shooting a video at the Bolshoi Moscow Circus. The information was confirmed by Edgard Zapashny, the circus director, to Portal-Kultura.ru. The video is part of Till's next project, about which we know nothing except a potential release date (June 1st, 2021), mentioned by Till himself on his Instagram account. Unless these are two different projects...

In any case, the video is shot on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the circus. The director said he is very proud of the singer's presence, adding that he has an incredible energy and a big heart.
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