06 Mar 2022

Not surprisingly, Till announced the cancellation of his concerts planned in Russia, because of the conflict between the country and Ukraine.

The concert planned in Kiev is maintained for the moment.

26 Feb 2022

Till Lindemann has just launched a new online store, available at TL.berlin. Here's how the website presents the project:

TL Berlin can be classified as fashion for those that are looking for the extraordinary – inspired by the shadowy recesses of the Berlin subculture, with its very own interpretation of urban lifestyle, and a dash of extravagance with hosts of dark elegance.

13 Jan 2022

Due to the epidemiological situation, the "Ich hasse Kinder tour 2022" concerts planned for January have been postponed to November and December. The concert at the Wacken Open Air in August is still on for the time being.

The new dates are listed here. Tickets are of course still valid for the new dates.

01 Jan 2022

The first concert of the "Ich hasse Kinder" tour in Tel Aviv has just finished. It is basically a remake of Lindemann's 2020 tour, with a new line-up, red costumes, and some new videos.

The line-up for the tour will be as follows:

  • Jes Paige (guitar)
  • Emily Ruvidich (guitar)
  • Acey Slade (bass)
  • Sandy Beaches (drums) : exceptionally replaced by Shaked Furman for the first concert
Here is the setlist (the same as on the 2020 tour, with Ich hasse Kinder added at the end:

  1. Skills In Pills
  2. Ladyboy
  3. Fat
  4. Frau & Mann
  5. Ich weiß es nicht
  6. Allesfresser
  7. Knebel
  8. Home Sweet Home
  9. Cowboy
  10. Golden Shower
  11. Blut
  12. Platz Eins
  13. Praise Abort
  14. Fish On

  15. Ach so gern (Pain Version)
  16. Gummi
  17. Steh auf
  18. Ich hasse Kinder

01 Jan 2022

Like last year, LikeMeat has posted a New Year's advert featuring Till, where he eats one of the brand's burgers made with plant-based meat.

What's new this year is that Till is dressed up as a tribute to the famous German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld!

09 Dec 2021

Till Lindemann has announced an additional concert for his "Ich hasse Kinder" tour. He will perform on January 1st 2022 at the Toto Hall in Holon, a suburb of Tel Aviv. Till has never performed in Israel before, either with Rammstein or as a solo artist.
Tickets are on sale at EventBuzz.co.il

15 Nov 2021

After its release on 22 October, on Zaz's album "Isa", "Le jardin des larmes" become a single. Already available in digital edition, it will be released physically on 17 December. For the moment, only the jewel case CD is listed by retailers. Only one track is featured.

The cover art is available below:

Single Le Jardin Des Larmes

10 Nov 2021

Till posted on Instagram that a new video is in the works. The photo confirms that it was shot in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, probably in July 2021, at the same time as "Le jardin des larmes". However, the director this time will not be Zoran Bihać. It could be Serghey Grey.

Summing up the news of the last few months, in addition to Uzbekistan, information has been leaked about 3 other filming locations:

  • A shooting at the Moscow-Domodedovo airport;
  • A shoot at the Great Moscow State Circus;
  • A shoot in a forest near Cancún, Mexico.
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