02 Jan 2021

Till Lindemann shot an advertisement for LikeMeat, where he eats one of the brand's plant hamburgers.

In the making of the film, Till had creative freedom to bring in his own artistic approaches. His food performance is inspired by the legendary art film Andy Warhol eating a Hamburger by Jørgen Leth from 1982, in which the world-famous pop artist can be seen eating a classic hamburger.

The music for the last part of the video was composed by Sky Van Hoff, who has already worked for Emigrate and Rammstein.

01 Dec 2020

Till Lindemann and violinist David Garrett will release on December 11, 2020, a cover of Alle Tage ist kein Sonntag (All days are not Syndays). The original song is from 1922 and was written by Carl Ferdinands and Carl Clewing.

The single will be released in three formats: digital, CD digipack and red 7 inch vinyl. Zoran Bihać filmed the video for the song.

The project is not linked to Lindemann. Till has announced it with its own accounts on social networks.

29 Nov 2020

The Mexican photographer Felix Barra confided on Instagram to have shot a video this week with Till Lindemann. The shooting took place in the forest, near Cancún. The artist José Rocha also designed masks for the video, inspired by those worn by plague doctors.

Is it really a music video for Lindemann, which would imply that Till already has new songs, despite the end of his collaboration with Peter Tägtgren? Stay tuned…

Thanks to Rammexicanos and RammLos LIFAD México.

13 Nov 2020

Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren officially announce that they end their collaboration on Lindemann. The live DVD of Moscow will still be released in Spring 2021.

Till announces that he will continue Lindemann with a new set up. This is why a discreet T was placed in front of the name Lindemann on the poster of the Wacken 2021.

12 Nov 2020

The Wacken Open Air festival officially announces Lindemann for July 28, 2021. It's an additional day added before the 3 days of the festival already scheduled. Unfortunately, you need to be in possession of a 3-day pass to access the tickets for July 28th.

Let's hope the sanitary situation will allow the concert to take place…

17 Mar 2020

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, organisers have to cancel the last three shows of Lindemann's tour.

The band and promoters are trying to make the shows happen at a later date.

13 Mar 2020

Till, in collaboration with the circus company "Flic Flac", has created a new show called "Freaks". According to them, this will be the "Greatest Comedian Freakshow". The performances will take place from October 2020 in Berlin's Admiralspalast and will be prohibited for children under 18 years of age. Here is the official presentation:

For the new show Till Lindemann was named "Grand Créateur" of our team. Supported by his depraved holiness, the spectacle 2.0 will be the "Greatest Comedian Freakshow" ever.

Our aim is to spoil you with the most unusual delicacies of the international comedy scene. Naked provocation and extremely unusual entertainment promise a very special show, an evening of a special kind. Even more eccentric, even more radical, even more shocking!

"Freaks" shows with charm and shamelessness that the offensive is only in the eye of the beholder.

And of course, Andreas Kubat from Northern Lite is back at the start and provides with bass and voice for a harmonious atmosphere.

Tickets are available on the official website of Flic Flac.

11 Mar 2020

Due to the decree banning the holding of events with more than 5,000 people in Moscow, Lindemann's concert on March 15 was in jeopardy. An unusual parade was found: Lindemann will play twice on the same day, at 3pm and 7pm. Everyone who bought a ticket will be able to attend one of the concerts. Fans who agree to see the concert at 3pm will receive a free upgrade of their ticket category.

Special hygiene measures have been taken by the VTB Arena to minimize risks regarding viruses.

» Promoter's press release
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