19 Nov 2019

Till and Peter gave some interviews to promote F & M. Here are some misc. info:

  • The first album was in English to clearly distinguish it from Rammstein. The second is in German because it is derived from the Hänsel & Gretel project
  • Till agreed to work on Hänsel & Gretel (from which 5 F & M songs are originated from) because his daughter was production assistant of the play.
  • The song Ach so gern is a tango.
  • The album version of Mathematik is hip-hop, just like the single released in 2018, but with a different mix and only Till on vocals.
  • The first part of Knebel on acoustic guitar was composed by Till.
  • Peter was not happy with the way the first album sounded, so he decided to mix the second album himself.
  • Peter was not available for the artworks of F & M and the singles. So Till imagined the artworks with other people wearing masks of Till and Peter.
  • In 2020, Pain will play on stage alongside Till and Peter.
  • There will be no pyrotechnics during the concerts. The goal is to get closer to classical rock concerts.

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