03 Jun 2019

Peter Tägtgren participated in a Q&A session on his Instagram. He revealed several pieces of information about Lindemann:

  • Lindemann's second album should be out before the end of the year: Till and Peter have enough songs ;
  • The album could contain songs that Till and Peter had written for the play Hänsel und Gretel (cf. news) ;
  • The song Mathematik was written by Peter's son, Sebastian Tägtgren. The band then asked Ben Bazzazian to do a rap version of it, because they wanted to try something different. The original version should be on the second album ;
  • Peter hopes there will be 3 or 4 videos for the next album ;
  • The next video has already been shot (cf. news) by Zoran Bihać, who directed the other Lindemann videos ;
  • A Lindemann tour could take place next year; it could go through Germany.

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