13 Mar 2020

Till, in collaboration with the circus company "Flic Flac", has created a new show called "Freaks". According to them, this will be the "Greatest Comedian Freakshow". The performances will take place from October 2020 in Berlin's Admiralspalast and will be prohibited for children under 18 years of age. Here is the official presentation:

For the new show Till Lindemann was named "Grand Créateur" of our team. Supported by his depraved holiness, the spectacle 2.0 will be the "Greatest Comedian Freakshow" ever.

Our aim is to spoil you with the most unusual delicacies of the international comedy scene. Naked provocation and extremely unusual entertainment promise a very special show, an evening of a special kind. Even more eccentric, even more radical, even more shocking!

"Freaks" shows with charm and shamelessness that the offensive is only in the eye of the beholder.

And of course, Andreas Kubat from Northern Lite is back at the start and provides with bass and voice for a harmonious atmosphere.

Tickets are available on the official website of Flic Flac.

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